Anthem Mission Statement & Vision Statement (An Analysis) 2023


Anthem's mission statement is "Improving Lives and Communities. Simplifying Healthcare. Expecting More." All the components in this mission reveal the primary objectives of Anthem Inc. that set it apart. There is no doubt from this mission statement that providing the best healthcare access in communities with positive change is what Anthem represents. Therefore, it consists of three elements:

  • Improving lives and communities

  • Simplifying healthcare

  • Expecting more

The first element in Anthem's mission displays what its health benefit services are designed to do and their reach, which goes beyond individuals to entire communities. An example is the boost customers enjoy from life insurance benefits. The second element of Anthem’s mission statement is all about how it makes healthcare accessible and affordable. It is a factor promoted by Anthem's business strategy approach. In fact, it explains how the presence of special products offered by the company eliminates complexities in healthcare. Finally, the mission statement of Anthem also shows that its customers get more from their investments, as outlined in the firm’s customer segments. It is evident that the mission is all about what the customers stand to gain.


Anthem is a testimony to a fruitful merger after having achieved new heights since its foundation in 2004 as WellPoint, Inc., and later changing its name to Anthem. Today, it is the most distinguished health benefit leader, providing related solutions and products. Creating change, being dependable, and leading from the front are the primary focus of the vision of Anthem. Its mission displays the general desire to remain progressive and the best in the business. Values are critical principles that help a firm remain on track with its mission and vision. In relation to this, Anthem’s values emphasise proactivity, a demonstration of leadership, and integrity, among other key elements that would see it realise its goals. The mission and vision statements, together with the values, all point to the transformative nature of Anthem in being the best in healthcare benefits.

Vision Statement

Anthem's vision statement is "To be the most innovative, valuable, and inclusive partner." It is a reflection of the dependable role it plays in providing health benefits and products that make healthcare better for its clients. The vision has the following factors:

  • Be the most innovative.

  • Valuable

  • Inclusive partner

The first factor shows that Anthem goes beyond the ordinary to design products that offer outstanding benefits to its clients. It closely relates to the second factor, which emphasises giving customers a run for their money through value-based products and services, and this has been cemented by its awards and recognitions so far. The third factor is an assurance of the reliability Anthem has to offer in meeting customer expectations.

Core Values

Anthem's core values comprise "leadership, community, integrity, agility, and diversity." It is a reflection of the work and principles of the company that make it a success in its operations. It has the following main factors:

  • Leadership

  • Community

  • Integrity

  • Agility

  • Diversity

The first factor is a reflection of the position that Anthem assumes to inspire innovations and positive changes. The second one shows the target audience for these changes and products. Anthem also values integrity as an integral element for ensuring its work remains dependable. The fourth factor is its awareness of the need to remain alert in providing the most appropriate products that simplify healthcare, and this links to its concept of diversity in healthcare benefits products.


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