Walmart Senior Discount Requirements, Details, and Other Ways to Save! 2023


With over 4000 locations across the US, Walmart is renowned for offering a huge selection of goods at incredibly low costs. Nevertheless, you inquire as to whether this renowned retail establishment provides its clients with a senior discount.

The US offers senior citizens special discounts at a lot of restaurants and retail establishments as a gesture of consideration. Do you need to know whether Walmart offers senior discount days because you are a senior citizen? What age limit applies to the senior discount at Walmart?

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Walmart Senior Discount Requirements, Details

Are There Senior Discounts At Walmart In 2023?

Unfortunately, Walmart does not have a specific or exclusive discount for senior citizens in 2023. But, that does not mean seniors have no way to save money and cut out on their expenses by shopping at Walmart. 

Walmart has plenty of other promotional offers like Clearance, Special Buys, Rollbacks, Coupons, Price Matching, and Cardholder Benefits. If you are looking for alternate companies offering senior discounts, you can opt for iHop, Michaels, and Kohl’s.

Are you curious to know more about these fantastic discounts and offers? Don’t worry; we have done the hard work for you! Read on to see a complete list of deals you can avail yourself of at Walmart!

Other Ways To Save For Seniors At Walmart

The absence of senior discounts at Walmart does not make this world-famous retail superstore a bad choice for shopping. As mentioned above, Walmart offers plenty of promotional deals, discounts, and offers for its customers. These offers are available for customers of any age, including seniors. Let’s look at the incredible other ways for seniors to save at Walmart!

1. Clearance

Like most stores, Walmart also has clearance sections, both in-store and online. In these sections, seniors can find out-of-season, slightly defected, or old products at a surprisingly reduced price.

2. Rollbacks

Walmart offers rollbacks, also known as temporary price reductions, on selected items. This offer is kind of a Walmart Sale, so make sure to look for the “rollback” sign every time you visit the superstore.

3. Coupons

Do you know what the best part about shopping at Walmart is? They accept coupons! We recommend you keep a close eye on weekly coupon advertisements of Walmart and other coupon websites and applications before shopping. These Walmart coupons can help you get 20% to 80% off on your purchases. 

4. Special Buys

Walmart also has special buys sections with discounted deals, products, and bundles. You can browse for the special buys section online. Or you may want to physically go to the nearest Walmart outlet to hunt for special buys. The best part? You can find special buy deals on cell phones, computers, and even video games and their systems.

5. Price Match

Walmart’s price matching policy is another great way for seniors to save money shopping at the chain. Price match is a brand loyalty program the company offers to ensure the prices of its products always remain market competitive. 

If you find the same item at a reduced price at any other retail store, you can request a price match at Walmart! If the price match is successful, you will get the additional amount off plus an extra discount. But, you must take valid proof (screenshot, print advertisement, etc.) along when you go for a price match. 

6. Cardholder Benefits

Are you a senior with a Walmart credit card? Congratulations! You can save money every time you shop at the store. Walmart’s cardholders can get a 5% discount on every in-store and online purchase. 

Is There A Special Day For Seniors At Walmart?

Though there are no specific Walmart senior discount days, there are special opening hours for seniors. Walmart has designated one hour every Tuesday only for senior citizens to enter and shop. 

The senior shopping hour starts at 6:00 AM and ends at 7:00 AM every Tuesday. Seniors aged 60 or above are allowed to enter and shop at the store during this time. All you need to do is bring a valid ID and age proof to avail yourself of the special senior hour.

Does Walmart Offer Military Discounts?

Walmart does not offer any discounts for military veterans. However, the company honors veterans through a Walmart Careers with a Mission program. Walmart actively hires military spouses and veterans in different positions under this program. In short, this program can help you with job opportunities, re-integration support, and job training if you come from a US military background.

Does Walmart Offer AARP Discounts?

Just like the senior discount, Walmart does not have any policy for AARP discounts on grocery items or any other product. Suppose you are looking specifically for companies giving AARP discounts. In that case, you can look for options like Kohl’s, Walgreens, Goodwill, TJ Max, and much more.

Which Similar Companies Offer Senior Discounts?

Are you still looking for stores offering exclusive senior discounts? Here are a few Walmart competitors that you may want to shop at:

Harris Teeter: This company gives a 5% discount for senior citizens aged 60 or above. The senior discount is available only on Tuesdays. 

IHOP: IHOP has a special menu with reduced prices for their senior customers of age 55 or above. 

Michaels: This store offers a 10% discount for senior citizens aged 55 or above. This discount is available every day.

Fred Meyer: This company provides promotional and discounted deals for senior citizens on the first Tuesday of every month. The minimum age to avail of the discount is 55 years.


While many stores in the US offer exclusive deals for senior citizens, Walmart does not offer a special discount for senior customers. But that doesn’t mean you can’t shop on a budget at the chain. As a senior, you can save by taking advantage of the clearance sections, rollbacks, coupons, special buys, price matching, and Walmart credit cards.

If you are looking for alternate and similar companies with senior discounts, you may want to visit Harris Teeter, Michael’s, IHOP, and Fred Meyer.


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